Members of Thompson’s Battery “C” in an effort to maintain the authenticity and realism of the 18th Century life style during the Civil War have gone to great lengths to obtain and learn as much about the life styles of civilians and soldiers alike.  These efforts include information on clothing, food, medicine, morning and life styles of civilians along with what life was like in camp for soldiers.

Members doing lectures explain in detail about the life styles of adults and children during this time of struggle in our Nation’s history.  Also members of Thompson’s portray soldiers in first person, to allow the listener to hear what camp life, victories and defeats in battles were really like.  Lectures are done for interested groups and schools through out the State of Pennsylvania.


Lecturers & Topics

Sue Sprout


Rick Sprout
Infantry and Tactics


Marty Braen
Meet Hiram Rigger, Life of a Union Soldier

Meet Charlie Meltron, Life of a Confederate Soldier
Civil War Artillery for Young Adults
Gettysburg, The Aftermath

Lee Miller

The Battle of Gettysburg

Keith Kuhns
Artillery, Technical aspects

Dean Auchenbach

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